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The Condo Agency Story

We’ve worked hard to create a beautiful and easy to use platform for your real estate search. Read on to meet our founders and hear our story.

Your Condo Agency Team


Technology has revolutionized the way consumers do business. In fact, most home buyers now begin their search for a property on the internet, and we're all for that. It's convenient, quick and easy! When it comes to searching for real estate online however, we feel that the information available isn't always enough. Condo Agency has been developed to fix that.

Condo Agency was created to revolutionize your real estate experience and designed to be your go-to online resource; truly being the starting point of your search and facilitating that process every step of the way. We made it our mission to make sure we developed an innovative tool that is easy to use, structured and informative, all behind a user-friendly and digitally beautiful design.

Here, you can expect to find the latest market and building statistics that will help you make informed decisions when choosing to buy or sell your next condo. Expect everything from average days on market, number of units sold in a year, highest recorded sale prices and much more. We also ensure that the available information stays fresh and up to date so that you never miss a beat.

Aside from having an impressive directory of what's available on the market, Condo Agency was developed to set the stage for greater things. We are already working hard testing the launch of awesome new additions. We're challenging the norm and opting for features that will further personalize and engage your navigating experience.

Let's change the face of real estate together.

Max Damour

Founder and Team Leader

Max is a seasoned real estate professional and an expert in the Ottawa condo market. His strong entrepreneurial spirit, combined with desire to provide his clients with an easier solution in their home-search, is what inspired him to create Condo Agency.

Having bought many condos for his own investment portfolio, Max has a deep understanding of the market. His love and contagious enthusiasm for the condo market has connected him with great developers and investors over the years.

Max studied at the University of Ottawa’s Telfer School of Management and prior to starting his real estate career owned a personal training business and a successful water-ski school. His competitive nature, and ambitious personality also led him to be number one at the junior world level in water-skiing.



Grant Algar


Grant is the owner of a successful Interior designing company based in Toronto, and also a proficient real estate investor. Energetic, witty and resourceful, Grant's "get it done" attitude is an asset to the team's dynamic and performance.  As a self-made successful entrepreneur, Grant brings to Condo Agency a great amount of knowledge, experience and leadership.

Grant personally owns over 75 condos throughout Canada. He is also highly involved with real estate developers from Toronto, being a partner in various condominium projects in cities such as Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal and Winnipeg.

There's never a dull moment in Grant's life. Passionate and excitable, he's a "doer" who lives in the world of action. He has a strong flair for drama and style and has a noticeable appreciation for the finer things in life. Fun fact: Grant's implication in Real Estate in Toronto has landed him some special appearances on the former television show "Big City Broker" on HGTV.

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